A herb company nestled between the Stellenbosch mountains with the perfect natural temperatures and humidity that compliments and enhance the best flavor and aroma for growing herbs. This is where you’ll find the best quality herbs right through the year.

With humble beginnings Basil Williams and Caroline Williams started their business as a community initiative for job creation and skill development in their local surrounded communities. Started from backyard herb growers with 1500 herbs plants in 1998 supply to the local wine farms restaurants, fruit and veg deli’s and super markets in the Cape Winelands District, to a 5ha herb growing company in Stellenbosch.

The success of our hydroponics herbs lies in the experience over the past 25 years in the Agriculture and Horticulture sector. From basic hydroponic growing tunnels to intensive growing systems and conditions. Herbal View will soon be starting with exporting herbs and fine vegetables to other countries.

The company are currently in the process to expand its vegetable and herb production to 5ha production, of 1ha intensive hydroponics Greenhouse system and 4 ha vegetable production. This will allow us to supply all our markets and demand right through the year.

Our team are passionate and experience with more than 20 years in the industry.

Our Story

Herbal View Hydroponics was established in 1998 out of the backyard of Basil Williams and his partner Caroline Williams parents property in most beautiful community Kylemore in Stellenbosch.

We Started our business passionate and energetic with only 1500 different herb plants and species. Our main focus was herbs to establish a niche market and to add value to food the food industry of South Africa and the export markets.

We diversifying with different crops, products and services in business.  The herb market is very competitive and demanding, but we started creative and innovative and establish the best brand of quality herbs and fine vegetables in the market. Our demands grow currently so fast from 5 tons that we need to expand to 50 tons of vegetables and herbs per month.

In 1999 we have moved the business further down to our family property in Kylemore where I have expanded our operation to 1250 square meters of herbs in intensive hydroponics in tunnels. Herbal View has grown with the best set of skills and experience from 1999 to 2000 that we have expand to a I ha farm land outside Stellenbosch, with the help and support through The Department of Agriculture.

From 2 tunnels of herb production to a 2000 square meters intensive tunnel production to a 5ha herb and fine vegetable production.

Community development and job creation is one of our main objectives we are currently employing 10 permanent employees and 5 casual workers during season during our main season times.

With 1ha intensive hydroponics greenhouses undercover expansion we will creating 25 new permanent job opportunities in our surrounded communities.

Herbal View have established an innovative and creative product line that will add more value to the food industry of South Africa and to the export market. From fresh packing herbs supply to our local supermarkets and delis to our own dried herbs and spice range, Pesto’s and infused olive Oils, olives and sauces. Our diversifying range will soon be in more than 500 supermarkets nationally.

Our Mission & Values


To provide the best quality herbs consistently to the fresh food produce market of South Africa and Exports.

To developed our communities through our hydroponics, Agriculture and horticulture skills and to create more jobs in South Africa.


We offer the best quality herbs in the market that is value for all our customers money.

We believe in customer service and honesty and commitment to all our customers.